Roto Moulders Ltd

Roto "ready-to-use" pit latrine toilets

The Roto Toilet Hut is the most modern and convenient ready-to-use pit latrine toilet. It is ideal for use over the Roto-pit-latrine slab to make it a complete toilet system. The Roto Hut is moulded using 100% polyethylene. The rotational moulding process heats the resin until fusion occurs, building high quality, tough and stress-free plastic toilet hut.

The computer generated design has produced a high strength, high tolerance product that is aesthetically beautiful and very pleasing to the eye.

The Roto Hut is made from UV stabilized heavy polyethylene plastic material, so it is strong, durable and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

The polyethylene plastic material removes the worry of rust and corrosion. Plastic allows for minimum maintenance and easy cleaning.

It can be made from opaque material to reflect sun rays or natural material to absorb the sun rays to help heat and dry the unit.

The Roto Hut can be moulded in a wide variety of colors allowing it to 'blend in' or 'contrast' with its site location.

It is totally free-standing (no foundation is required), and can be moved from one pit to another once the system is full. It can also withstand rough handling without the risk of denting.

The Roto toilet Hut is ready to install, over any pit latrine system. Should more units be required, a larger hole can be made and 2 Toilet huts installed side by side.

The slabs have special interlocking groves which ensure that the 2 or more slabs fit perfectly and do not shift.

The table alongside shows a brief description of the advantages of the Roto Toilet Hut compared to the ordinary cement /brick installed pit toilet system

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