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Roto Toilet Hut :: Installation Recommendations


Survey the land for the ideal position of the pit.

    Following are the points to consider:
  • System should be as far away from habitable buildings as is economically possible.
  • Ensure the direction of entry has easy path access.
  • The soil should be well drained (i.e. not hold water) and stable (i.e not prone to shifting easily) as this can cause the collapse of the hole.
  • Ensure water table in the area is low. It should not come in contact with the hole in any season.


  • Trench shall be excavated to the size of the pit slab.
  • The top of the pit slab will be above ground (preferably protrude approx. 50mm above the ground or as per required specifications).
  • Ensure the top soil is stable and compact so that the slab can be fitted into place.

Installation of the Slab

  • Place the slab over the hole. Position so as to have the narrow side of the toilet hole closest to the direction of entry.
  • Place pegs in the holes provided to lock the slab in position.

Installation of the Hut

  • Place hut over the slab, on the slots provided.
  • Ensure door is facing the right direction.
  • Bolt the toilet hut to the slab in the holes provided and the toilet hut is ready for use.

  • NB. It is recommended that heavy equipments should not be operated over any pit latrine system.

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